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It’s been a while…


So it appears I haven’t written since December 6th.  Yikes.  My cat and then grandmother passed away right after that.  I have all sorts of excuses, but exercise has not been a priority for me as of late.  I have gone into the gym a handful of times, but never got officially back into it. I have an appointment with my trainer tonight, I am very much dreading that.

Have you ever noticed how much of a bitch it is to exercise when you’re obese?  The joint pain, the blisters, the rashes in places rashes should not be?  All of this with minimal effort.  I walk a mile and am out of commission for days.  It’s friggin stupid.

On the plus side, I have started using MyFitnessPal.  (What?  I cant make hyperlinks?  Sigh.  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/)  I had this app ages ago but never got into it.  I have tried a few others in my quest to lose weight, even giving in and paying for the fancy extras (which I had vowed to never do).  I still have trouble using it – not with the actual app, more just laziness in figuring out exactly how much of each thing I had, like when working with produce and stuff.  But it has been interesting seeing how much I really do consume.  I thought with my mostly vegan diet and hatred of food, that I was doing pretty well.  Not so much.  Some days I am barely consuming any calories, some days I get WAY too much.  So I recommend trying MyFitnessPal or another food intake tracker.

I have also begun looking into weight loss surgery.  A friend had mentioned that she got it on Facebook and after we talked about it, I attended a seminar for more information and turned a form in to have my insurance run and all that.  Now I have a consult with the surgeon, nutritionist and a psychologist or something… not sure what else.  I’m going through Swedish Medical Center (http://www.swedishweightloss.com/).  I have no idea what procedure I might qualify for, if I am a good candidate, or if surgery is right for me, but I owe it to myself to find out.  I will be turning 30 very very soon and I can’t live this life anymore.  I have to do something.  How do you feel about the surgical route?

I am going to try posting on here more.  It’s easier for me to post from an actual computer, which I have access to a couple of times a week, so I will attempt to start documenting my progress (or lack thereof) and if I do end up going with surgery, I thought it would be good to tell my story so other people can see!  That reminds me – I am also on ObesityHelp (http://www.obesityhelp.com/).  It’s a good resource!

I hope everyone is doing well, talk to you soon!

Do I have to do this daily?




I woke up with a lot of low back pain. I didn’t really have anything going on, so I went back to sleep. Slept most of the day away. I got up and moved around some and my back was still being a dick, so I decided I wouldn’t hit the gym today. I tried making a pizza/flatbread beast with Trader Joe’s pizza dough… it turned out horrid but I kept eating. At like 6:40 I decided I may as well go to the gym. I like to go at 7 PM so I can watch The Office. (Scheduling my workouts around TV… a true lazy girl through and through) So I got there at 7:01. I was full of bread and feeling blah, so I only went the half hour instead of an hour. I feel like crap for not pushing through. I’m trying to tell myself that just doing something is what matters.