I’m a slug.


I am feeling like a slug. I haven’t been to the gym in four days (feels longer) or done any form of exercise. I’m not eating much, and sleeping a LOT. I have been on this journey for a month now, I was hoping I’d have more positive habits by now.

I don’t think I had mentioned this, but I am using HCG drops. I have had a bottle here for months, but still fuzzy on the diet plan, so I gave up and just throw some drops under my tongue whenever I think of it. Totally took my appetite away. I can easily ignore most cravings, I seriously don’t feel hungry. It’s good and bad. I am not eating much, so when I do, I eat more than I should. Nowhere near my binge amounts, but not normal portion size.

I’m pretty depressed. I know exercise is going to make me feel better, but actually getting to the doing exercise part is where I’m having trouble.

If you’re reading this, do you have any advice? Words of wisdom? I need a push.

(I’m posting this because I’m sure losing all motivation is part of the process, and I want to be as detailed as possible with what I’m going through, to hopefully help others someday.)


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  1. I keep a mental picture of what I want to look like when I reach my goal. I also have to have short term goals because if I look at the whole picture it looks very daunting. I also pay attention to the ways my body is changing. Those NSV’s are the best!

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