Um… rad?


I went to the doctor this morning, I weighed in at 316 pounds.  WTF?!

I have an app that I use to track my blood pressure (more out of curiosity, it’s usually pretty good), and I saw today that I’ve barely lost a thing!

  • 11/28/11 – 320
  • 12/13/11 – 326
  • 1/5/12 – 326.2
  • 1/24/12 – 321
  • 3/5/12 – 316.6
  • 6/14/12 – 316.6
  • 8/2/12 – 316
  • 8/30/12 – 317
  • 10/25/12 – 316.5

My doctor is like “That’s good!  You lost 10 pounds in the last nine months!”.  Erm… no.  Not good.  I don’t usually watch The Biggest Loser, but don’t they usually lose that in under a week?  Granted, they’re in weight loss torture mode.  I suppose it’d good that the numbers arent going up, but I have been going to the gym and eating better… you’d think it’d have slightly better results. On the plus/ow side… my thighs hurt.


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