I have an excuse!


I didn’t get to the gym the past two days. I’m not positive how I did it, but my back was out and I couldn’t even stand up straight. I have herniated discs in my low back (thanks, fat!) and it’s been fairly under control the past couple of years, but sometimes it gets messed up for a while. I was all set to go last night, but it simply wasn’t an option by the time I would’ve gone. It was out most of today, but by the time I would’ve gone tonight, the only shoes I had with me had broken my skin and were super uncomfortable. I have an event to attend tomorrow and may not be back in town in time to get the gym time in, but I hope to. (thats the other part of why I didnt go tonight- didnt want to take the risk and hurt it again) I don’t have the sense of failure for not getting there, I was legitimately in pain. And I’m still planning to go again as soon as I am able. Still on track to reach my goal!


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