I’m done being big.


Hello all, and welcome to my first post.  I decided I need to start a blog to document my weight loss and to find encouragement/resources.  When looking up weight loss blogs, it seemed to be more of people that had lost the bulk of it already.  I only made my goal the other day, so you’ll be seeing this from the very beginning.

About my goal – I am aiming to lose 150 pounds by 7/4/14.  I am unsure of my current weight, I believe I am around 317.  I am 5’4″ and 29 years old.  I will get “before” pictures and measurements soon.

I am planning to lose with a combo of healthy eating, using my gym membership, and Wii Fit Plus.  I am not quite sure what else to say in this first post, since I don’t have much data handy.

More later!


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  1. In the beginning its too good to be true, and in the middle it gets frustrating as fuck. But you got this shit, no one stays the same size forever if they keep going. ❤

  2. Good luck to you! I am in more of the beginning stages of my journey also trying to lose about the same amount of weight. I’ve followed you and look forward to seeing your progress!

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